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Vinyl flooring is widely popular because it is waterproof. It is however also a misunderstood flooring material.

The Reno Superstore would like to debunk some common misconceptions about vinyl flooring. That way you can get a clearer understanding of the product and make an informed purchase.

Let’s get started.


Popular Misconceptions About Vinyl Flooring

Why is vinyl flooring so affordable? What is its quality really like? There are certain myths associated with this type of flooring. Let us help you debunk them.


1. Self-Adhesive Backing Does Not Work

At The Reno Superstore, we come across many customers who believe self-adhesive backing is poor quality and won’t stick. That is unlikely if you are investing in good-quality vinyl from reputable brands. Just make sure your subfloor is properly leveled; otherwise, the installation will not go smoothly.


2. All Vinyl Flooring Looks the Same

This is completely untrue. There are several types of vinyl flooring, including SPC, WPC, LVF, sheet vinyl, and peel & stick vinyl. While all are waterproof, each is quite different. Thanks to modern digital technology, vinyl flooring designs are quite varied and versatile.


3. Vinyl Flooring Is Toxic

It is true that some vinyl flooring in its early years did off-gas volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Modern technology has eliminated this possibility and made it absolutely safe for homes.

Today, vinyl flooring from reputable brands is FloorScore-certified. This designation is only granted to products that meet the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) certification standard. They are safe, non-toxic, and ideal for long-term use. We recommended checking the FloorScore certification of each product you are considering and avoid those without it.

Want to know more about waterproof vinyl flooring? Check out our in-depth buying guide where we discuss every aspect, including its installation and cost.


4. Vinyl, Laminate and Linoleum Are All the Same

Vinyl, Laminate and Linoleum Are All the Same

We understand why consumers tend to get confused with this one. These flooring materials do look the same at a first glance but are completely different.

Laminate is unlike waterproof vinyl flooring in that it is affected by moisture and cannot be installed in areas that experience high levels of it. On the other hand, vinyl is perfect for such areas.

Linoleum and vinyl flooring, meanwhile, are completely dissimilar. However, sheet vinyl used to look like linoleum as they were both rolled up before use.

Take a look at this comparison of vinyl and linoleum to understand their differences thoroughly before investing.


5. Vinyl Flooring Is Dated

This is far from the truth. We can safely say that waterproof vinyl flooring is one of The Reno Superstore’s best-sellers – and for good reason. Indeed, it is widely preferred by homeowners for its versatile style and resemblance to ‘real’ materials like hardwood, stone, and tile.

Advances in digital printing have led to vinyl flooring that is more realistic than ever. Moreover, your options are not just limited to hardwood. They can imitate many types of material, with the added benefit of being 100% waterproof.

Vinyl flooring is also a durable material for high-traffic areas in both residential and commercial spaces.


6. Vinyl Is Only Suited to Smaller Spaces

Because vinyl planks come with adhesive backing, it is believed that they are not suitable for a larger space. This is not true. It all depends on how it is installed, but this issue is common with any style of flooring.

Porcelain tile that is improperly installed may lead to the tile breaking. That holds just as true for vinyl flooring.

If you have no prior experience installing vinyl flooring, it is best to hire professionals like those at The Reno Superstore. We offer top-notch installation at great prices.


7. Vinyl Flooring Causes Accidents

Safety is always a concern when it comes to choosing floor materials, especially if you have children or live with the elderly. But accidents happen on all types of flooring; vinyl is not especially prone to accidents.

In fact, vinyl floors are softer than materials like tile and help to cushion falls. They also offer higher resistance than porcelain tile and similar flooring options. So, go ahead and buy vinyl flooring for your space.

We encourage our customers to do thorough research before committing to any type of flooring. At the same time, you must understand the authenticity of the information out there. When in doubt, always consult a flooring professional to help you make an informed decision. Have more questions? Reach out to the renovation experts here at The Reno Superstore. We are open seven days a week in Mississauga and Toronto to solve your renovation dilemmas.

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