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Tiles are a fantastic home design element. And with advances in manufacturing technology, they’ve become a desirable feature with both homeowners and interior designers. What makes tile truly have an edge over other flooring or wall materials available at The Reno Superstore is that they can be used in both exterior and interior settings.

Durable and stylish porcelain tile flooring, for instance, is a great way to remodel your home without breaking the bank. They come in many shapes, designs, and textures, and are safe to use in wet areas of your home.

Let’s take a look at current tile trends.

Best Tile Designs to Inspire Your Next Renovation

If you are planning to add a fresh touch to your floors or walls, these tile trends can give you the inspiration you’re looking for.

1. Magical Moroccan

Magical Moroccan

Known for their vivid colors and combinations of intricate designs, timeless Moroccan-style tiles have become a significant trend this year. On monochromatic walls, they’re a great way to engage the viewer, while adding a unique and exotic splash of color to your wall or floor. For a more authentic effect, use natural materials with texture in your curtains and furniture, like cotton, burlap, and jute.

Additionally, they are easy to clean as well as durable. Remember, wall tiles and floor tiles have different PEI ratings which determine where they can be installed. The Reno Superstore has a similar design right here.

2. New Vintage

New Vintage

With designers focused on decorative details and fine craftsmanship to create perfect floors, incorporating vintage designs into your modern aesthetic can result in major payoffs.

To that end introduce deep glazed tiles such as herringbone or stack bond. These essentially vintage designs add a modern twist to your decor. Mosaic tiles are very water-resistant so don’t think twice about installing them in moisture-prone areas of your home – something you’d never dream of doing with solid hardwood. We have found something that may interest you right here.

3. Perfect Patterns

Perfect Patterns

A decorative tile is a great way to refresh or update kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways. Installing them on your floors can bring your room to life.

When you shop for tiles, you may notice that they come in a pattern. That’s why installing them without prior experience or the right tools is best avoided, as breaking any pattern can make your floors look unfinished and shabby. Best to hire reputable and experienced flooring installers, like the ones working for The Reno Superstore.

Remember to use patterns cleverly and effectively. Otherwise, it can become quite off-putting. For instance, if you are using a pattern for floors, avoid choosing the same or another busy design for the walls. Find a similar style here.

4. Stunning Stones

Stunning Stones

Natural stone or stone-patterned tiles are always a stunning style statement for floors and walls. They also help to create a seamless feel between inside and outside. This feature is much desired in open floor plans. Since tiles are such versatile creations and extremely tough, they work well in high-traffic areas and last well in all weather conditions.

Interior designers recommend choosing large tiles with a simple design to flawlessly combine exterior and interior elements. Remember, this rule isn’t just for floors and can be applied to walls as well. We found a similar style here.

5. Dark Drama

Dark Drama

Dramatic styles capture your attention like no other. If you want to create an immediate visual impact, then consider dark-colored flooring. Use colors like dark grey or charcoal black in a glossy or matte finish and add warm lights to create a stunning space for yourself.

The added advantage of dark flooring is that it hides the little imperfections that occur naturally over time. They also help to add focus to the rest of the room’s elements and are truly unexpected and refreshing. Try something like this here.

6. Textured Tile

Textured Tile

Tiles are well-loved for their designs, but what truly gives them their inherent versatility is their ability to flawlessly mimic textures. Texture adds depth and dimension to any space, making them a popular choice for floors and walls alike.

Textured tiles are a great way to revamp outdoor patios, kitchens, even bathrooms. Rugged stone tiles can make any space look unique and stylish. Besides beautiful, these tiles are also quite practical. Their unique texture minimizes the risk of slips and falls, something that is always a risk with glossy tiles. Check this one out in a similar style.

7. Interesting Shapes

Interesting Shapes

Tiles come in different shapes; this sets them apart from other flooring materials. Unlike hardwood planks, tiles come in various designs like hexagons and diamonds, among others.

Installing interesting shapes in your foyer, entryway, or backyard can be visually captivating. For instance, lantern-shaped tile can act as a stunning accent wall, or even a pathway leading to your backyard.

These tiles can help unleash your creativity. Add a hexagonal tile wall beside your hardwood floors. These will complement each other and can be a fun way to stylize your walls instead of paint.

Adding a medley of different shapes and designs can be ideal for a grand entrance, or any space that shows off your unique personality. We found a fun shape for you right here.

Tiles are a truly versatile game changer for your floors and walls. Instead of always coloring your wall with paint, think of installing an accent wall with a quirky design or shape. If you’re looking to refresh your space then consider tiles. The Reno Superstore offers a wide range of tiles to suit every budget and style. They also offer installation services and quick and easy financing. To learn more about our services, call us at 416-258-RENO or contact us here.

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