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Installing flooring for homeowners in Mississauga means taking proper precautions beforehand.

Here at The Reno Superstore, we know what concerns homeowners in Mississauga face when it comes to popular flooring options like hardwood and porcelain.

If you thought buying and installing new flooring was a simple and straightforward process, think again. Here are some of the common problems you may face and how to address them.

Watch Out for These Issues When Installing Flooring in Mississauga 

It is always important to take into account your lifestyle and budget before going ahead with any flooring renovation. But there are many other considerations. Here are some common threats to flooring that are too easily ignored.

1. Exposure to Water

Water is flooring’s enemy. The Reno Superstore’s flooring specialists may suggest solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, laminate, porcelain and vinyl flooring, but all are susceptible to moisture damage. (Porcelain and vinyl are the most resistant.) Any moisture that comes from above or below the subfloor is a threat to flooring and can eventually lead to bigger issues.

Always check for

  • A faulty subfloor
  • Poor floor inspection
  • Groundwater seepage through a perforated vapour barrier, especially for solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, laminate, and vinyl flooring
  • Moisture from the concrete subfloor
  • Humid weather, especially for solid or engineered hardwood and laminate

Pro-tip: Every flooring material has its pros and cons. They react differently to water exposure. Solid hardwood is most affected by water, followed by engineered hardwood and laminate. Vinyl flooring and porcelain tiles are waterproof, but constant exposure to water will eventually cause harm to such floors.  So, before you decide on new flooring, it is good to understand the best flooring option for each room in your home.

Are you new to this and have no prior experience? Remember to consult flooring experts at The Reno Superstore.

2. Daily Wear and Tear

Each type of flooring material reacts differently to wear and tear from pets, spills, scuffs, furniture, and daily activities.

But you can minimize damage by investing in good-quality brands and getting your flooring installed professionally. Learning how to care for your floors is also a good idea.

3. Not Paying Attention to the Area of Installation

When it comes to installing new flooring, homeowners in Mississauga don’t always pay attention to the installation area. What we mean is that different areas of your home may require different types of flooring. Considering this factor is important to preserve your long-term investment and your flooring’s longevity.

High-traffic areas like foyers, the bathroom, kitchen, and hallways require tough flooring like porcelain tiles, vinyl, or engineered hardwood. For less-busy areas, go for laminate or solid hardwood.

4. Choosing Non-Professional Installation 

Choosing Non-Professional Installation

Flooring is an expensive and potentially lifetime commitment. Doing it yourself to save money is a bad choice. The best decision for a homeowner in Mississauga to install new flooring is to hire experienced installers like those employed by The Reno Superstore.

Poor or substandard installation will lead to issues like breakage, awkward gaps and crowned edges. Fixing these issues is not only difficult but expensive.

5. Impulsive Purchases

Impulsive Purchases

With so many flooring options available, selecting just one is a feat. But don’t be in a rush. Always take the time to research any flooring that catches your eye. And never make impulse purchases, especially when you are planning to install new flooring as a homeowner in Mississauga. Understand which type of flooring is best suited to your lifestyle and budget. Only then can you make an informed purchase.

Wanting to install the right type of high-quality flooring is just the start. Look into the individual characteristics of each type of flooring in which you are interested. They are all unique and offer advantages and disadvantages, no matter their price. You cannot control the wear and tear to which they will be subjected, but proper maintenance can protect your investment. Need help with your flooring? Get in touch with the experts at The Reno Superstore to learn more.

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