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Are battered old interior doors dragging down your home’s style? Then it’s time to replace them with something chic.

But before you visit your local renovation store, take a moment to read this. Interior doors are often an afterthought but adding the right kind can help create a more unified look and more privacy.

Not sure which door to buy? Explore The Reno Superstore’s huge collection of high-quality interior doors to suit any space, including  Shaker doors, hollow-core, bi-fold, French, and other such interior doors.

Let’s look at how to replace your interior door like a pro.

How to Replace Interior Doors Like a Pro 

1. Understand The Cost : Renovations cost a lot, but The Reno Superstore has interior doors to fit even the shoestring budget, even taking into account installation and shipping charges.
Your cost largely depends on the door’s material. So, a solid core door is more expensive than a hollow-core one. Learn the differences between the two right here.
A good-quality (and competitively priced) door from The Reno Superstore will cost between $69 and $350. Additionally, we offer easy financing starting at just $50.

2. Get To Know The Benefits: Why should you change your interior door? There are many reasons, including damage or it not matching your space. Sometimes trying out different designs like installing a sliding glass door can elevate your interiors.
Swap out your current interior door for a fresher, better one by exploring The Reno Superstore’s affordable and stylish options.

3. Choose the Type of Interior Door: There are different types of interior doors, so be sure to choose the right kind. We suggest looking at pictures online and reading an article or two about doors to understand the type that best suits your space.
You could also consult our experts at The Reno Superstore. They can help you find the right door by understanding and measuring your space. For a small space, a sliding door is best, while, for more light, consider a French or glass-paneled door.  Make sure you understand your needs before investing.

4. Consider Changing the Door Trims: If you don’t want to replace the entire door, you can still redo the one you have by changing the trims and mouldings, including crown mouldings and flat baseboards. Try adding lintels or corner blocks for more definition and style. You can do it yourself with some patience and a pry bar or hire a professional.

5. Decide on the Installation Process: Replacing a door should be easy enough if you have prior experience. However, if you are a novice , consider hiring help. Typically, it takes around two to three hours for a pre-hung door and five to six hours for a blank or slab door.
Pre-hung doors have pre-attached door jambs, while blank doors are designed to suit the one already in use. Keep this in mind because it will make a world of difference.  Consult our experts or inquire about the product of your choice. We recommend using our top-notch and affordable installation service to avoid unnecessary hassles.

Shopping for the right interior door can be a challenge. That’s why we always encourage homeowners looking to change or improve theirs to understand their needs in order to make a smart choice. Replacing interior doors can add value to a home or business space. The Reno Superstore offers many affordable options in our retail stores in Etobicoke and North York, or you can also shop online. Contact us if you have any questions.

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