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Wondering what the best design options are for your white oak hardwood floors? There are plenty of timeless options.

Redesigning your floors with white oak is a wonderful idea. Not only is it stylish and incredibly long-lasting but The Reno Superstore has a huge collection of white oak hardwood flooring, in different finishes and styles.

Let’s have a look at some wood flooring designs that you can try in your home or office.


Best White Oak Hardwood Flooring Ideas for Any Space

White oak hardwood floors are classic. But are you aware of the various wood designs you can use to enhance your space?


White Oak Hardwood Flooring: What to Expect

White Oak Hardwood Flooring

There are several wood species available,  each having qualities that set them apart.

So, what’s so special about white oak floors?

White oak is one of the most common North American wood species and has a Janka hardness scale rating of 1350. It is preferred for making furniture and flooring.

White oak also contains a large amount of a chemical substance called tannin, which helps to eliminate pests, making it a top choice for outdoor and marine applications.

However, if white oak comes into contact with iron or ferrous material, it causes it to stain. So, make sure to protect your floors if you have iron furniture.

As a flooring option, it shows medium stability and responds well to different kinds of finishes.  Looking for white oak hardwood floors in Toronto? Visit our Etobicoke retail store on The Queensway.

Now that you know a little more about white oak floors, let’s have a look at different wood designs that can add glamour to your space.


1. Classic Horizontal Strips

This style is timeless and versatile. While these horizontal strips are the most common wood design, their minimalist nature makes them suitable for any space.

They are also extremely functional. After all, what can go wrong with a classic horizontal layout?

Since they are so widely found even in engineered wood floors, they are certainly slightly more cost-effective installation-wise. If you are planning to install white oak engineered planks then you can choose the click-together flooring option too, as it is ideal for a floating-type installation.

2. Vintage Herringbone Parquet

Vintage herringbone is far from a thing of the past; indeed, it is modern and gorgeous. If you are looking to give your floors a timeless look, then you can’t go wrong with herringbone parquet.  (The term “herringbone” dates back to the 16th century and derives its name, not surprisingly, from the skeleton of the herring.)

Quickly becoming the symbol of elegance and luxury, this style of arranging small pieces of hardwood has never gone out of style. It is also difficult to recreate and requires considerable experience. This means you shouldn’t attempt it if you have no prior experience. Any slight mistake can completely wreck the floor’s alignment.

Instead of doing it yourself, seek out The Reno Superstore’s professional installation experts to protect your investment.

3. Dramatic Diamond Parquet

Stunning and extremely elegant, Diamond parquet is ideal for your space. Indeed, it is a historic design that has never gone out of style thanks to its beauty. It is also ideal if you are looking to make a statement.

It is good to note that while these designs are stunning and exude luxury, they come at a cost. So, if you are looking for budget renovation ideas, it is better to stick with classic and simple designs.

Since white oak floors take stains very well, they can be an excellent way to draw attention to this style of flooring.

4. Timeless Chevron Pattern

Even though chevron is a classic pattern, like herringbone, it has a slightly more modern feel.

And while some people may find it hard to distinguish between chevron and herringbone, there is a significant difference. Chevron wood floors are cut at a 45-degree angle, while herringbone is cut at a 90-degree angle.

Visually, chevron is a more modern design, even though it’s a classic. This design too requires precision installation. So, if you are worried about your floors then hire The Reno Superstore.

5. Versatile Wood Mosaic

Do you love variety? Then maybe this wood mosaic design is suited to your taste. Modern and diverse, this particular design can be anything you want it to be. Much like mosaic tiles, where the possibilities are endless, this particular wood trend delivers a similar effect.

Combining different wood shades in a simple design can create a massive visual impact. Just like mosaics, the design potential of these floors is limitless. But, again, precision is everything in terms of installation.

When it comes to wood floor designs, there are so many possibilities. Always choose one that reflects your personal taste and style. Do you need help with choosing the right hardwood flooring for your space? The Reno Superstore has dedicated customer service available seven days a week. Ask our flooring experts both online and in our retail store. They are prompt in addressing any questions. Explore our financing options that enable you to save more and pay at your leisure. Visit our new store in Etobicoke, or email us to get started on your upcoming project.

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