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Concrete floors are popular for good reason. No longer drab and boring, they’re actually quite versatile, and their industrial look gets better with time. They’re also impervious to water (and most staining agents) and easy to maintain.

However, like any type of flooring, they undergo wear and tear, so require a little upkeep to preserve their appearance.

Instead of covering their flaws with carpeting or expensive hardwood, consider refinishing your concrete floors via The Reno Superstore. This is a cost-effective and long-lasting option that also beautifies your floors.

Let’s take a look at the benefits and various methods of restoration.

Advantage of Concrete Floors and the Best Ways to Restore Them

Remodeling your flooring is a decision that should be made only after proper planning – that includes a thorough understanding of the material you’ve chosen and what it has to offer.

Benefits of Concrete Floors

1. They’re Economical

They’re Economical - renosuperstore

A floor remodel is not an inexpensive process. Fortunately, concrete floors come at a relatively low alternative to natural stone flooring. Usually, the most common simple polished gray slab with a lustrous sheen is a very economical choice, especially at The Reno Superstore.

Different stains may be used to create interesting, personalized designs or more elaborate finishes; the cost of the project will vary accordingly.

2. They’re Low Maintenance

They’re Low Maintenance - renosuperstore

These floors are super easy to maintain and don’t require much special attention. A weekly mopping with soapy water is enough while vacuuming and sweeping will clean any accumulated dust. Installing low-maintenance concrete flooring is perfect for long-term use and helps save money as well as time.

Since it’s stain-resistant and stays in good shape in moisture-prone areas, concrete has become a popular kitchen flooring choice. To learn more about planning your kitchen renovation, read here.

3. They’re Sustainable

They’re Sustainable - renosuperstore

Concrete floors are a sustainable option if you already have a concrete subfloor. Renovation causes a significant amount of air pollution (dust) which is generated by such activities as drilling, grinding, and other demolition/building activities. They can be manufactured using fly ash, silica fume, and other manufacturing waste by-products; what emerges is a sustainable, eco-friendly building material. Therefore, it is wise to employ conscious choices throughout any renovation to minimize environmental impact.

Once these floors are sanded down, polished, or sealed, they look stunning. To style them, add a geometric carpet or an oriental rug.

4. They Last

They Last - renosuperstore

Your floors endure a lot of traffic, not to mention wear and tear. This is why you need a long-lasting flooring option. Concrete floors are exceptionally durable, and the cracks that eventually surface on them add to their character.

5. They’re Versatile

They’re Versatile - renosuperstore

Cement flooring is versatile in nature. For exterior applications, silicone-based penetrating sealers deliver a matte look while your indoor floors can be transformed into any color or a faux marble look.

You can try different decor ideas with these floors. For instance, concrete flooring looks nice against a stone veneer wall and accentuates its rustic appeal.

For ambitious designs, we strongly urge you to hire The Reno Superstore’s reputable flooring installation services to ensure the job gets done right.

These are great flooring materials for indoor/outdoor transitions. Now that you know their advantages, let’s discuss how to restore them.

How to Restore Concrete Floors

Like any flooring material, concrete must endure the ravages of time. Concrete floors are quite commonplace since they’re a basic building material. So the chances of finding a concrete floor when remodeling an old or new building are relatively good.

How to Restore Concrete Floors - renosuperstore

No matter how many cracks they have, restoring these floors to their former glory is cheaper than installing brand-new expensive hardwood or tile. Below are some methods for beautifying your existing concrete floor.

i) Repair Existing Damage

Begin by filling and sealing all cracks, pits, and areas of spalling to prevent further damage. Examine the existing concrete joints and, if needed, treat the issues with flexible filler. This step is vital and ensures the longevity of your floors.

Repair Existing Damage - renosuperstore

Keep in mind that when you polish or stain the floors repair marks will remain visible. Are you worried about how it will look? Then hire our flooring experts. They will not only take care of the initial repair but also blend the color and texture to match the rest of the floor.

ii) Polishing

Polishing - renosuperstore

Make a great first impression with high-gloss floors. There are mainly two methods of polishing the concrete floors: wet and dry polishing. This process densifies the concrete; making them harder and more durable. Despite their glassy texture, these floors are not slippery, making them a great choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

iii) Staining

Staining - renosuperstore

This method opens up a whole new avenue of customization by allowing you to change the color and texture of your floors. If this is your chosen method, then consider applying acid-based or acrylic stain. Concrete staining is a multi-step process that must be done on a thoroughly clean and repaired surface to ensure a smooth application.

Note that a properly stained concrete floor is stable on its own while an added coat of urethane will give it a glossy shine.

This method is not suitable for home repair enthusiasts as it requires sufficient skill to get certain effects, like a hardwood texture or marbling effect. Only experienced contractors should attempt these floors.

iv) Epoxy Coating

Versatile and interesting, this coating offers additional protection from chemicals and moisture, as it is resistant to stains. Epoxy coating is getting quite popular these days for its stunning custom designs and effects. It allows a virtually limitless array of colors and can be tailored to suit any environment. Consult your contractor to learn more about this option.

v) Urethane

Urethane helps to preserve the beauty of your floors while giving them superior protection. It is a synthetic resin or polymer that exists in liquid form but becomes extremely tough on curing.

Urethane - renosuperstore

Since this particular method takes stains well, it is highly recommended if you want pigmented floors.

Concrete floors offer many advantages and are a durable flooring option. Restoring them is a great idea that can save you time and money later. If you are not sure about which method (or combination of methods) is best to refinish your concrete floors, consult the flooring experts at The Reno Superstore. They are experienced and will guide you through the process. To find out know more about our services, call us at 416-258-RENO.

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