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Packed with functionality and style, bathroom vanities are one of the most elegant ways to upgrade this private place. Indeed, a pop of color or a bold design can completely transform your space.

Even relatively modest updates like these can significantly increase your ROI. And according to the National Association of Realtors, a good bathroom renovation can help you recover around 50% of the project cost. Thankfully, many renovation stores sell ready-to-install vanities in a variety of styles and colors to suit many budgets and styles.

Here are some vanity inspirations to kickstart your bathroom overhaul.

11 Bathroom Vanity Ideas to Inspire Your Bathroom Makeover

Do you prefer contemporary, traditional or rustic bathroom design? No matter your style, there’s a vanity for you. The bathroom is your personal space and should be both stylish and practical. Check out some of the bathroom vanity designs on the website of The Reno Superstore (Toronto, ON).

1. Classic Vintage

A fuss-free vintage design adds character to your bathroom. If the walls are lightly colored, a wooden vanity will add a bit of contrast. We’ve also found something old school in this bathroom vanity with a stunning quartz countertop that’s perfect for a small to medium-sized bathroom.

Classic Vintage Vanity

2. Natural Wood Vanities

A natural wooden vanity lends a rustic charm to your space. Many designers use reclaimed wood to create a distinctive style. Bringing natural materials like wood indoors lends an earthy touch to your bathroom. We have something in our store that may be perfect for this occasion. Here’s an elegant Havana Oak Vanity.

Natural Wood Vanities

3. Double Basin Vanities

Sharing a bathroom shouldn’t mean compromising on personal space. A double basin vanity provides ample space for families or couples to store their personal belongings. Spacious drawers are ideal for storing makeup and extra towels and are even great for the early morning rush.

These bathroom vanities come in different style options, including this lovely wall-mount vanity.

Double Basin Vanity

4. White Marble Vanities

The clean, crisp look of a marble countertop never goes out of style. If you love a minimalist contemporary design, this style might be perfect for you. And there is a wide range of cabinet styles.

Marble countertops are durable, unaffected by moisture, and can be cleaned quite easily. A simple detergent or damp cloth is enough to remove any dirt.

Marble Vanity

5. Vessel Sink Vanities 

If your bathroom is small but you want something functional yet stylish, a vessel sink vanity may be the right choice. This style carries a bit of old-world charm but is perfect for modern bathrooms. Characterized by a vessel or sink installed into any type of countertop, they’re a huge space saver.

Smartly designed, they may come with a wide range of sinks in various materials, including stone, ceramic, copper, and porcelain. Check out this example.

Vessel Sink Vanity

6. Freestanding Single Vanities

Just because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean you should be denied the comfort of a vanity. Many designers create functional designs for small spaces that are easy to install and have enough room to accommodate various accessories. Freestanding bathroom vanities are perfect for such spaces and come in a range of colors, designs, and sizes. Choose marble or wooden vanities to suit your budget and taste.

Unlike large vanities, free-standing ones can be customized, and their legs facilitate easy cleaning.

Free-standing Single Vanity

7. Innovative Designs 

Managing space is an art. So if your bathroom vanity is designed with many drawers, then it’s definitely worth the investment. After all, no one has ever complained about having enough space to store all their toiletries, including toothbrushes and make-up. Or, if you have a new baby, they’re a great place to tuck away essentials like diapers.

Likewise, if someone in your family needs wheelchair accessibility, you can get your vanity designed that way.

Wheelchair Accessible Vanity

8. Glossy Finish

Like the rest of your house, your bathroom should reflect your personality. Vanities with a glossy finish are made for those glamorous ones among us who love sleek and chic design. They come in various sizes and styles and are stain-resistant owing to their glossy texture.

Glossy Finish Vanity

9. Floating Vanities

Floating (or hanging) vanities are attached to the wall so unconnected to the floor. This creates the illusion of a bigger space. Since they are a few inches off the ground, their seamless design makes your space look clutter-free and clean.

If your bathroom walls are monochrome, choose a vanity that matches your bathroom flooring and cabinets. They are compatible with both vessel sinks and basins. Just make sure your wall is strong enough to support this style. Find a similar style here.

Floating Vanity

10. Vessel Vanity 

Commonly found at upscale hotels or restaurants, this classy vanity has a vessel sink on top. Even though they are available in various sizes, make sure you have enough space to accommodate this design. We have found something that fits this style, right here.

Vessel Vanity

11. Undermount Sink

The under-mount sink is part of the kind of sleek, premium vanity often found in new constructions and remodels. Installed in a solid surface countertop (such as marble and quartz), it offers a more refined and flattering appearance as it cleverly hides all plumbing within its cabinets. The sink may be made from iron, copper, or porcelain. They may not be as spacious as other styles but are a durable choice.

Undermount Sink Vanity

Bathroom renovations are a great way to add value to your property, and bathroom vanities are a clever way to add style and space without breaking the bank. Understanding your requirements will help you choose a vanity to suit your bathroom space. Just be sure to measure the space correctly before placing your order online. Still, have questions? Contact The Reno Superstore to guide you through the process.

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